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The essential skills needed in the 21st and 22nd century.

Adapted to a COVID-19 World

The pandemic has changed the way we meet and learn. Keeping up to date, we've gone virtual!

When we tailor bespoke packages for you, maintaining high levels of learning & engagement are still our priority regardless of the mode of delivery.

2021 highlight programme

Hearts for Hope & Harmony Challenge (HHHc)

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In a time of immense uncertainty and challenges, we can all use a bit of hope and we can overcome these challenges when we come together! 

The HHHc is a virtual cross-cultural immersion programme that brought together students from the Philippines and Singapore to spread a hope and harmony! Within 2 weeks, students developed their skills, collaborated in their cross cultural teams and created a project that spread hope and harmony to communities around the world. Find out more about their projects here.

2020 highlight programme

Youth Employability Skills (YES) Programme

COVID-19 made the job market very competitive. Youth have had a tough time finding employment especially since many upskilling opportunities had to stop.

To assist the youth around the world, we partnered with the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the Commonwealth Students Association to create a 4-week workplace immersion programme. It was tailored to develop employability skills through guided mentorship and experiential learning. Skills like digital research, communication, collaboration & leadershipThe results? Check out the video to see how the participants became more employable.

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