Educators first
Consultants second

HHHolistic was formed by a team on the same mission:

To develop individuals and organisations to reach their fullest potential. 

Meet the team

Chief Head Officer & CEO

Ryan is a scientist based practitioner. From his time spent navigating the workforce around the world, he brings with him a wealth of experience in imparting knowledge and skills to people. His modus operandi has always been to assist organisations and people accomplish more.

Chief Heart Officer & Growth Consultant

Eileen has a huge heart for people and development. Her passion has taken her from training to advocacy to driving policy in The Commonwealth. She believes that we all can play our part as future leaders for a more collaborative and sustainable future. 

Chief Hands Officer & Training Consultant

Titus is a builder of and a creator. His hands-on approach to learning led him to both technical and non technical industries including videography and consulting with Apple. He focus is on building the future classroom through technology and experiential learning.


From our Head, Heart & Hands.

To your Head, Heart & Hands.

The Head

Everything we do is intellectually rigorous and based on industry best practices.

The Heart

Creating a safe and open space for the growth and development of people and organisations.

The Hands

Ensuring that all training is applicable in your school, work or life. Through experiential learning, practical tips & actionables.

That's why we have 3 H's in our name. We promise we can spell. Its pronounced holistic..

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