Power Skills

Giving soft skills the proper name they deserve

Many of them have been called 21st century skills.

They are a big criteria for being hired or promoted.

They are what enable people to accomplish more.

Why are we still calling them "soft" skills?

Why these skills are powerful

Increases employability

Most employers know the importance of power skills when they hire. A lot of money has been put into reskilling and upskilling. Individuals will be doing organisations a favour if they already have these skill.


We'll have to interact with humans virtually everywhere. In all schools, in almost all work and in life. The context might change, but we don't. That means power skills can be applied anywhere.

Positive influence

The benefits of upskilling doesn't just end at the individual. People around them will reap the benefits when they contribute to the teams and outcomes. This breeds confidence in everyone to achieve more.

Some of the most important power skills

Effective Communication

Communication happens everywhere. Reading, writing, speaking, listening.

Communication becomes effective when it accomplishes it's outcome in the best way possible. That could mean interviewing well enough to be hired, creating a captivating story or building trust with a client.

Trainable areas:
Essay writing
Presentation skills


We form teams because we can do much more together than we can alone. 

When collaboration is done well, team members know what the goal is, what they need to do, what everyone else is doing and how to share information.

Trainable areas:
Team roles
Project management
Stakeholder management


Not everyone is in a leadership position but everyone can lead. 

Being able to motivate people, having a clear vision, bringing out the best in people. It's a skill that is desirable at any level as it empowers people and teams to achieve much more.

Trainable areas:
Strategic thinking
Upward management


There's always things to do. The faster we are at completing things, the more they can take on.

Productivity allows people to manage time, attention, energy and resources effectively. This means more time, better results and better morale for everyone involved.

Trainable areas:
Time management

What's most needed right now?

All power skills can beneficial to individuals and organisations. However, it becomes even more beneficial when the skills can solve your needs or moves you to an outcome faster. That's why before developing the skills, it's vital to identify the needs and find the right skills.

It's also the reason why we only create bespoke packages. We want to ensure that when we deliver something, it bridges that gap in the most effective way possible.

The list goes on

Conflict Management
Critical thinking
Decision Making
Digital Litercy

Need a little help identifying the skills needed, let us help you with that!